Volksgiving 2020

Volkswagen Owners across Canada went above and beyond their call of duty as essential workers. We asked a few of them to answer a different kind of call.

Over the past few years, Volksgiving has become one of our favourite traditions. It’s the time of year when we acknowledge and celebrate some of our many extraordinary Volkswagen Owners.

This year, we felt Volksgiving should recognize those who’ve sacrificed for us all: essential workers. And that means essential workers of all kinds.

We put a call out to Volkswagen Owners throughout Canada, asking them to nominate essential workers whose stories needed to be told – and received over 1,100 nominations. We recognized some of those Owners from coast to coast, and then invited a few of them to sit with us and share their stories.

There was Scott, a selfless critical care flight paramedic whose rescue missions were suddenly met with an abundance of new challenges due to the pandemic.

Amanda B., a deafblind intervenor who can’t social distance at work because connecting deafblind individuals to the broader world requires physical touch.

Beverly, a dedicated personal support worker who wakes up every day at 5:15 AM to care for others, and regularly doesn’t get home from work until after 11 PM.

Alex, an anesthesiologist who bravely volunteered to intubate sick patients back when very little was known about COVID-19.

Edward, a retirement home dietary staff member who put his own life on hold by moving into his workplace to protect his residents and his parents at home.

Amanda M., a registered nurse who helped patients through heartbreaking moments, like saying their final goodbye to loved ones over video.

Richu, a stocker at a big box retailer who worked tirelessly to keep shelves stocked so everyone can have access to the essentials they need.

Hussein, a personal banker who started a weekly initiative with his team to help clients who were struggling due to the pandemic.

And finally, Julie, a registered nurse who had to face her own fears when treating one of the first COVID-19 patients in her area.

So watch the video above to hear the stories of these incredible essential workers, and to see our surprise unfold.

Happy Volksgiving!